A Day in Brighton

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Hannah Rapaport-Stein

On Thursday we took a day trip to Brighton, a town about an hour outside of London. One of our students, Nyla, wrote about our day:

Something about Brighton just reminds me of Mama Mia! Spending the past week or so in the city has been insane, and though this little seaside town was something entirely different, it was just as breathtaking to me. This instant calmness sort of just washes over you, and it’s easy to feel like a part of the town. We visited the beautiful Brighton Pavilion first this morning, which had an elevated and elegant vibe of its own.

Inside the Royal Pavilion

Inside the Royal Pavilion

Before breaking off for some free time to get lunch in the area. My friends and I got a bit of exploration in before it was really time to shop, and then everyone got to fan out among the winding streets filled with cafes, vintage stores, and just about any other shop you could imagine. It really was just a unique place that felt frozen in its own little bubble. This might have been one of my favorite days so far.

 - Nyla