Dance! Dance! Dance!

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Ting Li

Today we went to school and learned how to say our schedule and what we did in certain days or past weeks. After that we went to Global Harbor to do our CC. We had to interview two people and we asked them about what they did last weekend and what they were going to do this afternoon and this upcoming weekend.

After that we went back to the campus and we learned the “Seaweed” dance. It was really fun I would definitely do it again it was something like hip hop but in Chinese. It was very fun and interesting to see everyone trying to learn the dance and everyone was just having fun.first, we lined up and did it all together with an instructor. we did this for a while and made it through a good part of the song (about a minute worth). then, we broke off into groups to compete against each other in a dance off. my group won the approval of our peers (three random students)!

afterwards me and some friends headed over to a study session in the ciee building. there, we worked on homework and reviewed the classwork. i did the communal conversation sentences and looked up pictures for the project. later, we headed over to global harbor to look around before heading home. all around a good day. :)

Chole Surbeck(Harriton High School);Christian Amorosi(Red Bank Regional High School)



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