From Created Lands to Dutch Delights

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Cierra Summers

Day 5 - Almere explorations: This day trip took us to the city of Almere, where the students got a first-hand look at where the phrase "the Dutch created the Netherlands" came from. The city is only around 50 years old. Not only is it a young settlement, but the very ground it's laid upon shows the marvel of Dutch engineering, directing the water out and establishing new land from the sea. They also toured an Upcycling station, which showed how the province isn't only interested in creating land but also in reusing and recreating old items and waste for new uses.

Day 6 - A day in the park: A highlight of the trip for many has been the day spent in the Amsterdam forest. The massive park is comparable to New York's Central Park. The students spent the day playing badminton, card games, biking, and swimming as they enjoyed this beloved Amsterdam park.

Day 7 - Zaanse Schans: Located not too far from Amsterdam, the day trip to Zaanse Schans gave the students some insight into the Netherlands "as it was." After a day of experiencing working windmills, shoemaking, delicious cheeses and pancakes, and many other excursions, the students were more immersed in the traditional Dutch culture than most modern citizens.

Day 8 - Stamppot: After a day in classes covering a range of topics from sustainability to Dutch phrases, students joined a cooking class to learn about a traditional meal. Stamppot is a dish that can come in a variety of forms, but at its basic level, it's a mix of potatoes and vegetables. Twenty-one students in a small kitchen were peeling and dicing potatoes, onions, and carrots, and it was an adventure in itself. There were more than a few students going back for seconds.