Copenhill: Skiing in Copenhagen???

Authored by:
Kristin Montgomery

Kristin Montgomery

Denmark is known for being very flat, which is part of the reason that biking is so popular here.  Considering the geography and the rainy weather, skiing is not an activity you associate with Denmark.  However, the Danes are known for innovation, and there is actually a ski hill in the middle of Copenhagen!  This man-made hill is called Copenhill, and it is actually a trash incinerator.  

CIEE Global Navigators visited Copenhill on Wednesday.  We took the metro and then a bus to the edge of the city.  Some brave participants walked up the hill and the others took the elevator where they could see the inside of the working incinerator.  On the top there were great views of Copenhagen's habor!  We watched skiiers ride the lifts up and ski down on the made-made turf.  No need for snowpants here!  

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