A Conversation With Gen.G

This summer, while our Global Navigators were not able to travel to Seoul, they got to hear from Gen.G's best teams and ask them about esports culture in South Korea and the pro-gamer lifestyle! Below is a summary of all our Global Navigator questions and Gen.G's answers.

Q&A Regarding the Esports Industry

Is the esports industry growing? Why?

Yes! In fact, it is experiencing explosive growth. According to the "Global Esports Market Report" by Newzoo, total esports viewership for 2020 is projected to hit 495 MILLION people globally and total esports revenues are set to reach a landmark $1.1 BILLION. With technological advancements driving engagement online and factors such as COVID-19 creating logistical hurdles for traditional sports, esports is going mainstream. Esports also has the ability to bring together a much more diverse and global audience than traditional sports with streaming platforms allowing fans to easily engage with their favorite professional gamers and teams.

What can I do to work in the esports industry?

The opportunities to directly work in the industry are also on an exponential rise. The ecosystem of esports is so diverse and multifaceted that there are so many types of jobs that are available in the industry. Despite tremendous growth, the industry is small. The best way to currently work in esports is to have direct experience, but such opportunities are not yet widespread. However, a growing number of colleges and universities have or are developing esports management certifications and degrees, and many organizations that manage scholastic leagues are growing in membership. For example, GEEA allows students to use a passion for and talent in esports to pursue scholarships and admissions into colleges as esports student-athletes while developing experience in the industry from an early age.


Q&A Directed to Pro Gamers

What motivates you to continue esports?

Bliss (Gen.G OWC): What motivates to keep playing is when I overcome hard times such as when we lose the games or I'm in a slump, and win a tournament. This makes me keep going. 
Stalk3r (Gen.G OWC): Not having won a championship pushes me to keep playing.
Pio (Gen.G PUBG): The happiness of winning a championship as well as the competitiveness and drive to not lose to anyone motivate me to continue as a pro player.

Did all of the members of Gen.G want to become a professional gamer since they were little?  

FITS (Seoul Dynasty): I've wanted to be a pro player since I was 12. Watching pro players play really well made me want to try that myself.  
Bliss (Gen.G OWC): I'm the type who tries to be the best at whatever I do, and in this case it was gaming, so I am trying my best at it.
Inonix (Gen.G PUBG): Yes, ever since I was little I wanted to be a pro player so I trained myself since I was young.  

Were there any changes in your social life?  

Gesture (Seoul Dynasty): Being a pro player is my job and part of my life so I get to learn about social life here. I know I've got less time to spend with my friends and family but I understand it's part of the job and, in the end, it pays off. 
Bliss (Gen.G OWC): When you are part of a team you have to go through the ups and downs together, and you really get to learn a lot from these experiences. 


Q&A Regarding the Gen.G Elite Esports Academy (GEEA Program)


Can I study abroad for GEEA? How would that work?

Yes, this is possible! However, it would be a difficult (although potentially very rewarding) journey. We have actually had students apply from all over the world, and a few that have actually attended. So far, we have enrolled students from the United States, Australia, and France. These students had to transfer credits from their current high school to our program, find a place to live, adjust to the new culture, and take esports courses in Korean. Although the academic portion is in English, the esports portion is largely taught and coached in Korean, so these students had to be especially dedicated to learning the language in addition to their academic studies and esports training. However, if you do decide to join these few and study abroad in Korea, you would not be alone. Our staff at GEEA will do everything to help you get adjusted and have what you need to succeed! Furthermore, Gen.G Esports does plan on expanding the GEEA program to other countries within the next few years. Please check our websites regularly and maybe we'll soon have a location in your country!

What if I play a game that's not included for GEEA? Can I still join the program?

Currently, no. We only offer game titles that have well-organized leagues, a global presence, and collegiate teams offering scholarships. This is to ensure that all GEEA graduates have plenty of opportunities to find successful paths. However, by the spring of 2021, GEEA does plan on offering an "academic track" that focuses less on any single game title and much more on industry education; this track will primarily be for students interested in pursuing a career in the esports industry. Regardless, if you're passionate about esports, we encourage you to apply!

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