Conversaciones con los locales

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Melanie Costello

Melanie Costello

Here you will see that I snapped some great photos of the Language & Culture students putting their language skills to the test talking to the locals for their Community Conversation assignments! This is an activity that most students expressed they were extremely nervous about in the beginning of the program. We are now in the 3rd week and I have seen them impove greatly. Some are exceeding expectations and having half an hour conversations with people in the park. I am so proud of them! Even in one´s first language it is not easy peezy to approach strangers. These guys are no longer afraid and I think this exemplifies how their confidence has grown. For most of the community conversations we go to a local park in the downtown area and other times, they may do it individually in their free time, or we simply have a conversation within our group.  

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