Community Conversations

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Julianne O'Connell

Julianne O'Connell

Guten Tag liebe leute,

Every day Monday through Thursday the students in every grade level participate in an activity called Community Conversations. It is a practice in which students have a chance to speak German in a natural way with native German-speakers. This exercise takes place in the afternoons and help supplement what the students are learning in class. Every day the community conversation has a theme, usually related to class. It might be about food or family or asking for directions or describing furniture. Then, students go out by themselves or in small groups and engage in conversation with people of Berlin. Sometimes the students talk with waiters or restaurant owners, sometimes they talk with families in the park, and sometimes they even meet other young people on the street. And yes…sometimes they get turned down. 

While some students get nervous talking to strangers and some get discouraged when people turn them down for a conversation, all of our students have risen to the occasion to achieve their goals. Many talk about how proud they are for stepping outside of their comfort zone and having a full conversation in German. Community Conversations are one of the pillars of the Language and Culture programs and it has been such a joy to watch our students meet the challenge of this daily activity and come away with stronger language skills and a ton of fun stories and pictures!

Have you talked to a stranger today?


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