Cloudy Forest Travel Essentials

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Climate Change Mitigation

Authored By:

Ellie Bergstrom

By María Celeste Barquero

Always before traveling I make a great list so as not to forget anything, but guess what! There is always something that escapes us and is left behind. And when we remember we are already on our way or worse, we already arrived at the place. So we are going to talk about the essentials you must bring to this amazing cloudy forest in Costa Rica called Monteverde.

For starters let’s talk about what I forgot. Umbrella. Although it is not very important when you are hiking if you have your raincoat jacket or a poncho, it can be necessary when you need to go from your room to class, or to get to the dining hall. It can help you when you need to go fast on a meeting point and it’s raining like drizzling. It’s not fundamental but definitely is a thing that could help you.

Also a very useful thing that I didn’t bring was a headlamp, is useful for night hikes, it’s better if you have it on your head and not in your hands because it is recommended to have your hands free. Also you may use it when it’s getting dark and you need to go somewhere on campus.

Students of the Climate Change Mitigation Program Session 3 wanted to share these things: more facemasks, calamine lotion, poncho, dry-fit clothes, head lamp, closed toed-shoes, more than just a pair of socks, high deet bug spray and a super water resistant rain jacket. This is just a few (of many) things that the students commented on, but please check everything on the program list first. This is not an official list but a list of those things that students would recommend or would have liked to bring.

The students of Climate Change Mitigation Program wrote down some of those things that they considered essential or wished they had for the trip.

Here in Monteverde the rain is unpredictable but at the same time is predictable. I mean, you know there’s a high chance of raining because you are in the perfect place for that but, when? You don’t know the exact moment, it can happen in a blink of an eye! That’s part of Monteverde magic! So be always prepared!

Also remember before visiting a new place you can read blogs, ask people who have already been there, make a checklist, remember to pack according to your needs, there’s also apps that can help you to make the packaging process easier, and don’t forget to be ready for adventure, make friends and live a lifetime experience!