Class Trip to Potsdam

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German Language & Culture

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Grace Bielefeld

Over the weekend, Berlin Global Entrepreneurship headed about an hour outside of the city to Potsdam. Potsdam is a gem that is tucked in the state of Brandenburg, surrounded by gorgeous clear water lakes, and full of UNESCO heritage sites. Our young global scholars explored the inner city while grabbing lunch; here they saw the Dutch quarters, the Russian district, and hundreds of years of historical architecture. Once they finished lunch, they walked or bussed to Sanssouci Palace. Built by Prussian King Frederick the Great as his summer palace, Sanssouci offers gorgeous garden views that rival those of Versailles. Our scholars wandered the gardens and then had an audio tour of the inside. The Rococo architectural style was absolutely captivating to many of our scholars who took their time learning about the rich history of the palace while appreciating its beauty. The palace's name is a French phrase (sans souci) that directly translates to "without concerns", which can be extrapolated to "without worries" or "carefree". How fitting that we enjoyed a relaxing Saturday out of the city in a palace that served a as similar reprieve to some of Europe's most famous royals centuries ago. Taking in the fresh air and beauty was a lovely way to spend a Saturday and had the whole group feeling a new appreciation for Berlin and its surrounding cities.