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Katie Amanda Smith

Katie Amanda Smith


Here we are about to enter Cinecittà World, a theme park and water park just outside of Rome. 

It was a very hot day and many of the group spent much of it in and around the pool with its huge cinema screen, or floating on donuts down Paradiso, the lazy river.


But some of our Global Navigators have been eagerly waiting for this day for a while, and they couldn’t wait to jump on the rides they had heard so much about, including Altair, the twistiest rollercoaster in Europe which goes upside down 10 times, and Aktium, a water coaster (we didn’t get wet enough in my opinion!) 

The most hotly anticipated attraction amongst our Global Navigators was Inferno, a jumpy ride based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, which takes place in the dark with spooky projections lighting up the walls. Chloe, the unofficial cheerleader of Cinecittà World, couldn’t wait for this ride in particular and when us Program Leaders bumped into her group in the park they just said “it’s amazing, it’s amazing!” And that there was currently not much of a line… we took their word for it and of course we headed there to try it too. 

Later we were glad they hadn’t explained anything about the ride as we didn’t have time to think about it before jumping on and we soon realised there were some stomach lurching twists in the tale! 

Feeling a tiny bit sick but full of giggles we wandered back to the pool where we felt more at home, and there we found several of our students being led in group dances!

Now we’re back on solid ground let’s see what our thrill-seekers favourite attractions were…

Theo: The lazy river was my favourite ride.

Miranda: I liked Inferno the best.. it was full of surprises!

Isaiah: It was the tall blue fast one that spun a lot. It was fun! It had a lot more turns than I was expecting... it had a fast start and everything. I thought it as going to start off gradually like most rollercoasters in my state, but it was kind of unique in that way.

Ivan: I liked the... lazy river!

Quinn: The lazy river

Carlos: I liked going in the pool, it's not really a ride!

Ankki: The blue one!

Zoe: The blue one, it was fun! 

Maggie: Yes the spinny spinny spinny one! We did it four times upside down! 

Maddie: Inferno! 
Sophie: I liked Inferno! 

Kieran: Inferno! 

So with our highly scientific survey concluded it's a tie between Paradiso the lazy river, Inferno, and the very spinny blue ride, Altair

Thanks for a great day, Cinecittà World!



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