Chichen Itza, Izamal, Valladolid... Los Pueblos Mágicos!

Authored By:

Maurice Childs

This weekend the students took a trip to Los Pueblos Mágicos...Chichen Itzá, Izamal, and Valladolid. Students learned a lot about the history of Chichen Itzá and were able to swim in the Los Centoes (sacred wells that the Mayans often used for sacrificial offerings. When then visited the town of Izamal and the San Antonio de Padua Convent where Pope John Paul II visited in 1993. Upon returning to Mérida, student had lunch at a Yucatecan restuarant where they were able to witness the chef using an underground oven to make conchinita pibil (a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Peninsula).