Chi, Che, e Dove?

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Bridgette Claery

Bridgette Claery

Chi, che, e dove?

Who, what, where?

These are probably three questions that you are asking yourself as your child is in the middle of this tremendous adventure. This might be their first time really away from home, without you. They are stepping out of their comfort zone, and so are you. Let me ease some of your nerves and answer these questions for you!

Chi sono i program leaders?

Eccoci! Our program leaders for this session are Alessia, Constance, and Bridgette (me)!

Chi sono le insegnati?

Francesca teaches level 1.1. Elena teaches level 2.0. Angela teaches level 1.2. They are all native Italian speakers.

Che mangiano a Ferrara?

We eat a LOT. Not only are students being fed large dinners from their host families, but for lunch we all enjoy a three course meal together at Il Ristorante della Luna. The courses often include pasta, meat, and a dessert. 

Che studiano?

Students were divided into three levels of Italian instruction.. 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0. They are in class M-F from 9:15-12:15. Every Friday, they have a project they present to the class.. all in Italian, certo!

Dove studiano?

Students study at the "Smiling International" school in the center of Ferrara. Check out some pictures of these three beautiful classrooms!

Dove abitano?

Students are located all over Ferrara with host families. They either walk, bike, or take a bus to school. Here are some pictures of a few students' bedrooms here in Italy!

Hopefully these pictures help paint a clearer picture of what life is like here in Ferrara for our students! To close, here is a little wisdom from the author Paulo Coelho that I hope speaks to anyone reading this, whether you're a present, former, or hoping to be a future student of CIEE. "Non fermarti né per timore, né per gioia: il cammino dell'arco è un cammino che non ha fine." (Paulo Coelho."Il Cammino Dell'Arco")

Do not stop yourself neither for fear, neither for joy: the path of the bow is a path that does not have an end. Take from this journey a zest for adventure and desire to continuously hurl forward, like an arrow from a bow. There will be fear, joy, and all the emotions in between. Whatever it is, do not let it stop you from going forward and continuing your life adventure.

A dopo i miei amici!

-PL Bridgette

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