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Marta Jimenez

Marta Jimenez

Today we visited the most important buildings in Seville: the Cathedral and the Giralda, its tower. Seville has the third largest cathedral in Europe following the Vatican (Rome) and St. Paul's (London). When it was built, the Spanish wanted to create something huge so that people thought they were crazy, and that's how you feel when you go in. The gothic architecture, the high arches, and spaces are stunning. Our students were impressed when they thought about how people could have built it centuries ago. They built a model of the arches, and although they succeeded, it fell seconds after, so it's hard to imagine how they did it. We visited Christopher Colombus' tomb and learned that his body is buried in different parts of the world. 

However, this wasn't always a cathedral; in fact, it used to be a mosque since Muslims conquered Spain for years. It still keeps the minaret, which is called La Giralda, and it's the most emblematic and symbolic landmark in the city. It is divided into two parts: one that belonged to the mosque and another that was built after to emphasize the Christianization of the building, which includes 24 bells. The most fun thing was to go up to the top of the tower with the students. 35 ramps became worth it once you arrived to the wonderful views of the city. Even though the sky was gloomy, students enjoyed taking pictures to capture the moment. 


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