Camping with Terra i Mar

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Penelope de Leon

Penelope de Leon

We have finally recovered from our camping weekend in Alcúdia, despite the heat I'd say it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. We arrived to camp Friday afternoon and had a tour of the campgrounds and got to know our camp counselors from Terra i Mar. After settling into our tents and having lunch we started with the weekend's water activities. We went down to the water to explore via rocky terrain and water. The campgrounds at La Victoria are fully equipped with built-in tents, toilets, showers and a cafeteria plus a couple basketball courts. We could always find something to entertain us during our stay.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for our hike to Coll Baix. After a quick breakfast and packing our bags, some of us went on our journey to the cala while some of us went to explore the port of Alcúdia. The hike down to Coll Baix is fairly rocky, there's a lot of bouldering and maneuvering involved in getting there but the views on the way down are magnificent.

And the reward at the end is a cool swim in one of of the most treasured calas on Mallorca.

The best part about Saturday's hike is we didn't have to hike back up because Terra i Mar arranges for a catamaran to come pick us up after a long day of sun and snorkeling. What an experience Coll Baix day is!

Needless to say, Saturday night everyone was exhausted, but that didn't stop us on Sunday. We went kayaking and paddle boarding in the morning and had a fun tie dying activity in the afternoon.

Camping weekend has always been the highlight of the program and this year did not disappoint. Many thanks to Tomeu and all his team at Terra i Mar for giving us yet another unforgettable weekend!

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