Campeones de Fútbol

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Katie Fennessey

On the rainy afternoon of July 14, 2022, ten young women took to the field for the fútbol (soccer) game of their lives. It was a battle of agility, stength, communication, and teamwork where only one could be victorious. The first team, Team Tico, was made up of Program Leader Katie Fennessey, Elsa Moroney, Lauren Cushman, and goalie Kitty Tsukada. The second team, the Motmots, comprised of Audrey Trivedi, Cyri Lara, Ania Hearn, Fairy Shabir, and alternating goalies Aylin Noble Ramirez and Shiely Cushman. 

Photo for blog post Campeones de Fútbol

Team Tico was off to a strong start, with Elsa scoring a goal in the first few moments of the game. The team celebrated, the crowd went wild. Victory felt close. However, the Motmots were prepared to fight with Ania and Fairy quickly reacting and attempting multiple goals. Team Tico goalie, Kitty, was nearly impenetrable, blocking countless shots for her team. Eventually, Shiely scored the teams first goal. The team was ecstatic, but knew the fight was not over. It was at this moment that the slight drizzle tourned into stronger rain. What would they do? Who would be declared the winner? Can they continue?

The game continued. 

The rain poured. 

The girls fought on. 

The second half of this game highly favored the Motmots. They fought well (with slightly more players) and Cyri and Aylin scored two more goals. Team Tico was not concerned, however. They had the drive, the passion, and the love of their fans in their hearts. Lauren and Elsa fought hard to score one more point. Within moments, the score was seemingly tied (as a PL, I can attest to this being 100% truth). It all came down to one last play - next goal wins. Team Tico fought hard, but the Motmots quickly gained control. The fight of our lives was played at the net. Kitty valiently defended her goal, diving and jumping to protect the net. Lauren fought through mud, sweat, and tears. But the Motmots were victorious! In a heartbreaker for all (except the Motmots, of course) Audrey scored a beautiful goal to end it all. 

Photo for blog post Campeones de Fútbol
Photo for blog post Campeones de Fútbol

While Team Tico and the Motmots were the stars on the field, no soccer game could be complete without our cheerleader! Gosephine Lizzi was the MVP of it all, bringing excitement, passion, and heart to the game of our lives. Her spirit pushed us through the rain, elevated victories, and quelled defeats.