Camp Closure in Tenares

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Justine Royer

Camp Closure in Tenares

Friday was a big day for our group of CIEE students in the Dominican Republic! On Friday morning we helped run the second "Camp Closure" of the program, this time serving the communities of Hoyo de Puchula and Hato del Yaque. We arrived at the center at Tenares bright and early with the kids to get ready for a morning of fun!

Here we have some of our CIEE students running the Resbaladizo (Slippery) station. For this activity, the children competed in a relay race moving water from one bucket to another across a soapy tarp. This game was a favorite among the kids!

Here pictured is one of our awesome CIEE participants playing the VĂ­stete de Momia (Dress Like a Mummy) game. This activity is a right of passage for all kids playing in a field day, and it was extra fun and challenging when kids were already wet, muddy, and soapy from other stations around the camp. 

Another fun and messy station at the camp was Responde Si Puedes, (Respond if you Can). At this station, contestants took turns answering trivia questions. Correct answers leave the players clean and dry, wrong answers could result in a water balloon or bag of flour being popped over their heads!

It was a great morning wrapping up our time with these two unique communities. From here, we loaded back on Vicky the guagua, (our bus), and headed west toward the coastal town of Montecristi for our beach weekend. Check back on Tuesday for a blog update about our trip!

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