Camp Closure Day

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Justine Royer

Camp Closure Day

Today was a great day spent with the children from several of the local communities that will surely leave an impact on the lives of all those involved! Our CIEE students had the chance to meet up with many children in Tenares, a town about an hour and a half from Santiago. Comparable to an American field day, the children moved from station to station participating in fun (and sometimes messy!) games and activities. Our students participated and facilitated the activities, all while bonding with the kids and growing their own service and leadership skills.

Some of the highlights from the day included shooting some hoops, getting to swim in the pool, turning our friends into toilet paper mummies, a giant slip-n-slide, and a very messy question game in which the contestant had to correctly answer a question or risk getting a balloon of flour popped over their head! There was laughter and music to be heard all over the campground.

After the stations were finished, we had the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch with the campers. Our students remarked several times about how great the food was! They also reflected later on the sweetness and happiness of the local children, commenting that even though they came from different communities and didn't know one another, they played together as if they had been friends for life. They also mentioned how helpful, polite, and considerate these kids are. Its incredible how much growth our CIEE kids have shown just in the first week of this Dominican adventure! After this week though, we're all starting to feel as though a break were needed. Thankfully, tomorrow is beach day! Next post coming up then! ¡Hasta luego!

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