Camera Traps and Lab Research

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Katie Fennessey

Katie Fennessey

On our first day of class after our weekend excursion, the girls listened to a lecture on the keystone species of Costa Rica. Jessica explained the interaction of all species within Costa Rica and highlighted how jaguars and killer whales are integral to all biodiversity here. The girls asked great questions on exactly how the removal or addition of any one species can have lasting impacts on the overall ecosystem!

In the afternoon, we collected the camera traps that were placed around campus last week! Each group of girls placed camera traps at different points on campus in hopes of tracking wildlife both at night and without human interference. The cameras were fairly successful with one catching a group of over 25 coatis (an animal similar to a racoon). We also saw agoutis and motmots! 

Lucy takes down the camera so we can analyze the pictures!

This Tuesday the girls were back in the field - or in this case the river! The WIS group hiked to a nearby river and collected macroinvertebrates to better understand their structure and composition. 

Elsa, Zora, and Kika find macroinvertabrates in their sample!
Vane helps Sadie, Fairy, and Ruby identify the macroinvertabrates!
Bethany, Grace, Tinique, and Vicky identify animals caught on camera!

After collecting samples, the girls took the macroinvertabrates to the lab and studied them under microscopes. They used guides to help them identify the different types of macroinvertebrates collected!

Shiely, Lauren, and Natalie identify and analyze their findings in the lab!


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