Busy Start to Week 3

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Advocating for Social Justice

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Aoife Finlay

After an action packed weekend of adventure activites in the west of Ireland, the students started their final week off in Dublin with a busy monday! They started the day attending class then came back to our accomodation for a talk and a Q&A session with actor and homeless advocate Glen Gannon. Glen shared his personal experience of homelessness and spoke to students about how they can play a part in the change needed in our communities and governments to combat this social issue. He focused his talk on how taking action is the most valuable thing you can do to help improve the situation for many homeless people. Students later got to ask their own questions and get involved in discussion about government policies and organisations and charities that are set up to support people get housing. 

Later on, we headed out to Phoneix Park, one of the largest enclosed public parks in any capital city in Europe. Here students got the opportunity to take a bike tour around the park. Phoneix park is a important site for biodiversity in Dublin City and is home to herds of Fallow Deer. During the bike tour students got the opportunity to stop and see the Deer upclose with our tour Guide. Phoneix Park is also a site of many interesting architecture including the Wellington Monument and Ashtown castle.