Bonjour de Rabat!

Authored by:
Ami Hauser

Ami Hauser

Bonjour!  Our francophone adventure group arrived safe and sound in Casablanca, Morocco on Sunday morning.  We were greeted by CIEE Rabat center staff and driven to an outdoor orientation site where we had a quick orientation and of course some mint tea and delicous Moroccan bread, cookies and snacks.  After, we continued on to Rabat where we met the host families who were eagerly waiting to greet the students.  Everyone settled in with their host family, ate wonderful meals all while communicating in French with their francophone families!  Monday we had an outdoor orientation where students learned the overview and goals of the program and started getting to know the staff and each other.  The students had a catered lunch outside in the beautiful 78 degree weather!  On the menu for the day?  Salad, chicken tagine with bread and fruit for dessert! C'était délicieux!  Their first language class was Tuesday in the quaint garden outside the study center with their prof, Abderrahim (with more mint tea of course!!)  The focus today was on introductions and giving information about themselves and their families.  Stay tuned!  Many more francophone adventures in Morocco to come! 

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