Bonding Outside Madrid: Valencia

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Honors Spanish Language & Culture

A note from the PL: the last full weekend in Spain, the Honors Global Navigators took a trip to Valencia, where they engaged in cultural activities like visiting the Museo Fallero, the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias; relaxed at the warm Mediterranean beaches; and ate typical paella before a boat ride through the coastal Albufera. After the weekend I asked students to volunteer writing the blog for the weekend, here are two student responses:

Last weekend we went on an excursion to Valencia with all the students of Honors Madrid. Visiting the birthplace of paella and getting to swim in the very salty Mediterranean was truly amazing. When trying to get a vacant shower stall in the hostel at which we stayed, the saying “a quien madruga, Dios le ayuda” proved to be very true. As a group, we got up early so that we could use our time to accomplish a lot like going on a boat, learning about Valencian history, and visiting the beach. More than anything, I appreciated the time on the bus to and from Valencia. I learned a lot about my friends and myself during this short trip.

- Sara

Our weekend trip to Valencia was an amazing experience outside of Madrid where we had the opportunity to experience Spanish culture through a different perspective. Though Madrid is wonderful, I really enjoyed the open beaches and the warm ocean water in Valencia. I enjoyed eating authentic Valencian paella and learning about culture traditions such as Fallas- beautiful Valencian art structures that are part of large annual parades competitions. I’m always surrounded by the nicest friends and program leaders, and experiencing a trip to Valencia with them was truly an unforgettable moment. 

I believe our program has done a wonderful job with the organization of excursions. I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know my group leaders and classmates in lots of detail, and I appreciate all that they give to making an enjoyable environment. Valencia was the perfect opportunity for culture learning, and exceeded my expectations in all aspects.

- Luna