"Bon Dia" from Palma de Mallorca!

Authored by:
Dayana Gomez

Dayana Gomez

Hola tots! 

That's "hello everybody" in Mallorquin, the dialect spoken here in sunny Palma de Mallorca, Spain! Our world travelers have crossed the pond and made it to their homestays. After a long journey with their new friends, 

But first! Let's take a selfie...

they were greeted by their program leaders and program coordinator. Who then escorted them to their host families. There many of them got to expeirence their first day as a local! 

First beach day with host mom. 

Students were able to visit some breathtaking beaches, while others went into the city centre and had their first gelato. Some were even immediately welcomed into their extended families and went to their "padrina's" (Grandmother) house, where they learned how to cook typical dishes. 

Maria learns to cook a tortilla de patata, a typical Spanish dish! 

It is traditional in Spain to have a proper meal, such as Paella (rice and seafood) on Sundays with the whole extended family. It is a special moment to come together to end and start their week as a family. 

Until next time familia! The best is yet to come! 

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