¡Bienvenido a Mallorca!

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Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems & Sustainability

Authored By:

Haleigh Donovan

After long travel days, international connections, and many, many hours, our group has made it to Palma de Mallorca! We were greeted by smiling host families at the airport who eagerly brought our group to their home stays. We quickly learned that meal times are very different here (families don’t eat dinner until 9pm and meals often go well into the night!) and tried to get some rest before beginning the real adventure on Monday. 

On Monday, our group learned to navigate the public bus for the first time and we headed to Can Pere Antoni beach, one of Mallorca’s 262 beaches. We swam in the bright blue Mediterranean sea and relaxed on the sandy coast. We even got popsicles to help us beat the heat! 

In the afternoon, we headed to Sa Riera, the university where students will be attending their classes, and listened to the CIEE center staff explain need-to-know’s about Palma, the program, day-to-day life, and cultural differences in Spain. From here, students enjoyed time exploring the city before heading back to their home stays for dinner. 

Our group is quickly adjusting and adapting to the Spanish lifestyle and we are very excited to continue our adventure! ¡La vida es una aventura!