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Aaron Wilkinson

CIEE is a special partner of the organization Serve the City. Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in practical ways to people in need. The organization partners with homeless shelters, refugee centers, orphanages, nursing homes, and other associations offering help and support. Session II of Berlin Language & Culture was very humbled to volunteer with Serve the City-Berlin by working with the community.

One group visited chilren living at a refugee camp in Berlin. There, the kids gave them a run for their money in games of Fußball (soccer) and Ente, Ente, FUCHS (Duck, Duck, GOOSE). 

This group helped out at a soup kitchen preparing dishes by shopping for ingredients, chopping vegetables, and coordinating meals. 

Participants in other groups traveled to a clothing collection facility to help sort and organize donated items. 


Another group of students traveled to a nursing home, Sankt Elisabeth Stift, where they volunteered in the garden, made waffles as sweet treats for residents, and gave manicures in a mobile salon. 


Participants have enjoyed giving back to the city that has captured their hearts. If you're interested in learning more about Serve the City's mission or volunteering with the organization in your area, visit the website at . 


Bis nächstes Mal! 


Aaron, PL

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