Beach towns and bull fighters

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Lauren Weinberg

Lauren Weinberg

Almost halfway through the program, and the students have really taken the term "discovery" to new heights. Each day can be compared to a turn through one of Sevilla's narrow and curvy cobblestone streets: an adventure full of new sights and sounds.   

We started the weekend with a day trip to the sunny beach town of Cadiz. The walking tour that started in Plaza España led us to ancient Roman ruins, but brought us back to the main cathedral with its underground crypts and panoramic views from the bell tower. 

From there, the food market with the catches of the day filled the air with the smells Cadiz is known for: seafood! Just in case the smells alone weren't enough, students then spent the afternoon sunbathing and swimming at Playa La Caleta with friends from the Language and Culture groups.

After a Sunday spent with Spanish host families, the aquatic theme was kept afloat with a kayaking excursion on the Guadalquivir River. 

To top it all off, the students spent Tuesday morning meeting a torero, also known as a bullfighter; from the outfit to the chants to the twirling techniques, students got the hands-on experience to discover another piece of Spanish culture.

Tomorrow, we step into the shoes of the Sevillan specialty: flamenco.

Stay tuned!  

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