Beach Day at Puerto Plata

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Justine Royer

Beach Day at Puerto Plata

Hacienda Cufa

We started the adventure today with a trip to Hacienda Cufa, an environmentally conscious family farm that grows many natural, organic, (and delicious!) products. As we toured the farm, we got the taste to try cacao seeds right off of the tree, which take on the flavor of whatever fruit trees they are growing by! We also saw them growing bananas, coffee, and many medicinal herbs such as cinnamon, bay leaves and allspice. Toward the end of the tour we had the chance to see how chocolate is made and get to try some fresh chocolate! Some students also opted for a luxurious and refreshing chocolate facial. 

Scavenger Hunt

From the hacienda we kept heading north up to the beach town of Puerto Plata! Before lunch, we went on a student-lead scavenger hunt to explore the main focal points of the area and practice some Spanish! We got to tour the local fire station, visit the central park, enjoy the colorful umbrellas art installation, buy some fresh coconut water from a local coquero, and stroll down the seaside malec√≥n. 

Beach Time!

After a delicious buffet lunch of rice, grilled chicken and veggies, french fries and fried plantains (YUM), we headed to the beach! This was of course the highlight of the day for many students. They got to jump in the crystal turquoise water and ride the waves, take a seaside stroll, chat with the locals, and explore the seaside shops. It was a wonderful and breezy end to the day!

We've got another week full of service, fun, and adventure ahead of us! This Sunday we're taking the morning to rest and this afternoon we'll have the chance to tour some of the murals around Santiago. Check back soon for updates! 

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