The Art of Taekwondo

Authored by:
Sartu Taha

Although it’s hard to believe, we are already in our last and final week of the program! After K-pop class, the students received a guest speaker, Carie. She spoke to the students about her experience with studying abroad in South Korea during college. She also spoke about her first internship in South Korea, where she got to work with YG entertainment. A lot of the students were very excited about this, as many of them are fans of YG’s K-pop artists. The talk was very informative and the students learned a lot about the different ways that they can return to South Korea and also how to look for internships or create opportunities for themselves.

The next day was probably one of our favorites. The navigators visited a taekwondo center, where they watched an energy packed performance from black belts and also got to learn about taekwondo and practice some of the moves. By the end of the class, the students had all learned enough to try their hand at breaking a board with their bare hand. They were all successful and very proud of their accomplishments! That day ended with some free time, where the students got together with their groups and worked on their final music video assignments that they will be presenting at the end of the week. We are all sad for the last day to come, but looking forward to all of the creative videos that the students are working on!

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