Art in Prague: Spray painting on canvases

Authored by:
Eva Salacova

During our last week in Prague, the whole group got to participate in a workshop run by Club Cross instructors Tomáš and Tomáš. The workshop lasted approximately 2 and a half hours and students and program leaders had the opportunity to work with spray paint, try to make their own designs, and then bask in the glory of our creations.

Following are the steps of the workshop, with pictures.

Firstly, we chose a stencil to cut out.

Secondly, we donned protective gear and gathered to listen to instructions:

And then it was time to create!

It was important to be creative, wait until the pain dries completely, and work together. We were all amazed at the results!

Note: We are free to bring our creations home, they are currently located at the hotel reception and students can pick them up there.

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