Art and History of Merida

Authored by:
Gabriela Cedeño

Creativity has been the theme of the week, so the students have been looking at different forms of art: from paintings to theatrical, singuing and dancing performances. On Tuesday, students went to different museums where they found displays of Yucatecan history, such as remainings and ancient scultures, but also galleries of different painting styles. They also recieved two young local artists who share with the students they form of artistic expression. Paulina is a theatrical and opera singer who has participated in plays like ¨Les Miserable¨ and Iñaki is a singer and guitar player who has also been in plays like ¨The Sound of Music¨. They were able to sing all together.

On Wednesday night, students enjoyed a videomapping played at the façade of one of the most important museums of Merida ¨Casa de Montejo¨ . The show also included a theatical representation of the encounter of a Mayan leader and Francisco the Montejo, Merida´s conqueror, followed by a performance of Merida´s typical dance ¨jarana yucateca¨.


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