Another busy week

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Leadership & Service in Youth Development

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Doug LeBert

Wow, I can’t believe our time here is coming to an end! We have been nonstop busy since we returned from last weekend’s trip! We have spent almost every single day this week at AMANC engaging with the patients and their families, helping AMANC prepare for a fundraiser that they are hosting in August, and preparing for a party that we threw at AMANC on our last day. Tuesday we even celebrated Darcie’s birthday! What an amazing experience it was for her, celebrating not only at AMANC, but also with her host family and with her CIEE family. Happy birthday, Darcie!!

In addition, we had the opportunity to visit another cenote with the whole group and we participated in a guacamole making contest with the groups from the other program. Our group even won, which was so exciting since the competition was fierce! Enjoy some pics from this week and stay tuned for updates about the farewell party we hosted at AMANC…