Anime Artist Academy, Shibuya, and Shinjuku

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Japanese Pop Culture: Anime & Manga

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Hailey Staples

On Monday and Tuesday, our students split into small groups and were given the opportunity to put their drawing skills to the test. Students visited the Anime Artist Institute in Ryogkoku, where the had the opportunity to discuss their favorite anime's with one of the instructors. After the discussion, they were asked to draw their own characters in each of their unique styles. After the students were done drawing, the instructor took the time to give them individualized feedback and redraw each drawing in his own style. Some students also got the chance to attempt voice acting over a short animation. 


While students were not at the Anime Institute, they were taken to Shibuya and Shinjuku. In Shibuya, students were able cross the street at the famous Shibuya crossing, do some shopping, and visit Hachiko. In Shinjuku, students explored the area where they were able to see Godzilla peaking over Toho Cinemas. In both areas, students were able to visit the real life locations featured in some of their favorite anime and manga!