Ana's Blog Takeover: Bee Happy!

Authored By:

Margot Pinckney

BUZZ BUZZ. The Bee Happy farm had a bunch of activities in store for us and plenty of food. In the morning we had a wonderful and scrumptious breakfast. After that we went to a local market and we hand picked peaches in an orchid of peaches. During the drives back and forth we played our own modified version of Dungeons and Dragons. We never actually finished it though. When we got back, we got to learn more about Bee Happy Farm and its history. It was very interesting because they have many things in one facility. For example, there was activity to make Chapstick made from honey and bees wax. They also have a whole bee farm on site which was a very terrifying experience for me. I have a strong fear of bees, I either start running once they get close or start screaming. The bee suits given to us were a bit reassuring. I did not want to get close at all, but I got to know more about how they live. Did you know that if you touch a bee it can never go back to its hive! Pretty sad right?

For dinner we made Dumplings! and we did a BBQ! the food was so good and the plates just kept coming. I’ve never made dumplings before, but they were good. But before that we had tea with our host whom we call Joy. She asked us to give her an American name and I was very surprised. We were stuck between Joy, Mary, and Wendy. But she ended up choosing joy because the farms name is Bee Happy.

Overall, It was nice having random conversations with everyone, from sharing our personal lives to our struggles. It’s nice knowing that there are people out there that is going through the same things as you.

By Anamaria Santos M.


Note: All gallery pictures (except the one with her in it!) taken by Ana!