Amazing China trip

Authored By:

Xi Lin

A lot of students said to me, "can not believe there is only few days left! We have to going back to USA. I want to stay in China longer." It is an mazing China trip. They met a lot of new friends, learnt Chinese language and culture. I asked them about the best part of the trip. Most of them said everything. Some mentioned the hot spring. We went to hot spring on a rainning day, but we got a lot of fun. It was the first time for most kids to get the experienced hot spring. There are different topic of the hot spring. Some are flowers hot spring. ie, rose hotspring, Lily hotspring and lavender hotspring. Chinese believe beautiful flowers helps human because pretter. Event some students can not swim they love the small water park inside the hotsping. There is even a refrigerator and stayed in there . It seems Nanjing people stayed there only 5 minuts long, but our students can stayed there for 8 minutes. There were pools of fish and pools of herbs. all the springs were good for the body. At first , the hot spring felt hot .But as you get used to the etemperature, it gets very comfortable. The hot spring is a unique way for studetns to understand more about the chinese culture.