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Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker


Our Global Navigators visited Allinpay Network Services Co. Ltd to tour the company building, enjoy a tea break, and learn about international e-commerce. 

As we arrived to Allinpay, students were greeted by Allinpay employees who took the group on a tour of the building. 

Students were able to visit the office space and see where and how Allinpay employees work.

Touring the Allinpay company building
Nathan on a tour of the company building
Taking a rest during our company tour

They also had the opportunity to network and speak firsthand with Allinpay employees about their professional experience. 

Najmul talking with a Allinpay employee
Students networking with a company employee with PL James in the background

After the tour, our Global Navigators headed to the lecture hall to recieve an introduction into the work Allinpay does. China is an increasingly cashless and cardless society where customers pay using QR code and scanning via cell phone such as WeChat Pay or Alipay. Allinpay works directly with merchants in China to provide them with the technological capability to support payment via scanning QR codes. Headquartered in Shanghai, Allinpay currently works with five million merchants all over China and is also working internationally to support Chinese scanning payment apps. 

Beginning our presentation about Allinpay
Lilli asking a question during our presentation 
Ean asking a question to the presenter
Evan asking a question during the presentation 

Having experienced firsthand the transition to payment via QR codes in China, our students truly enjoyed understanding the why and how behind China's current cashless economy. Not to mention networking with the local employees - who knows, maybe we'll have some future Allinpay interns amongst our group!


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