Ahoj (hi), Prague!

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Art-Making in Prague's Creative Studios

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Courtney Kobos
Our first group photo!

Upon their arrival to Prague, students from different states gathered in the airport, holding their excitement as they wore blue CIEE shirts. The high school program has been active for 6 years, providing students with unique immersive experiences, in this case: Art-Making in Prague. 


“I chose this program because I know nothing about Art, but I can’t wait to learn and see Prague,” said Sebastian, one of the students enrolled in the first session.


As orientation flew by, we went to a traditional Czech restaurant for dinner, where students tried a variety of plates. Some of these were Knedlíky, or Czech dumplings, in a mushroom sauce, duck legs, pork chops, sirloin, and vegetarian options.


After a good night’s sleep, we gathered for breakfast and students learned the ropes of public transportation, as we used a bus and the metro to get to the Art & Design Institut. 


The neighborhood in which classes are held has picturesque buildings, ranging from yellow to orange colors in a rondo cubist style, which makes walking in the streets feel like a never-ending museum display.  


Starting art classes

Upon introduction to the teachers, they started their artistic journey by sketching different drawings which would serve as their basis for this week’s project: print-making. They sat in the Institut’s garden gaining inspiration from the buildings and green spaces around them. 

Drawing during morning class


Some motifs in their art have been abstract, flowers, animals, and most of all architectural. For three hours they exchanged ideas, and silence emerged once everyone became inspired and focused on their projects.


After refueling energies with lunch, we closed the day by going on a pedal boat ride in the Vltava River, the Czech Republic’s longest River. The views were astonishing, as the Vltava River is surrounded by Prague’s most iconic landmarks: The National Theater, the Charles Bridge, and The Prague Castle, among others. 


But one of the highlights was without a doubt being able to meet Czech high school students, as they were mixed in groups of four to six participants, as they pedaled their way through the river. 

The beautiful Vltava river

Despite being shy at first, conversations flowed as the water glistened and the sun shone upon us. 


What an unforgettable first day!


*Written by the lovely CIEE intern, Isabella Pereira