Afternoon Fun in Berlin

Authored by:
Jennifer Pigge

The recent heat in Berlin hasn’t slowed us down! With the help of lots of water and sunscreen, we use our afternoons to get to know Berlin and each other better through historical tours, museum visits, and fun excursions. We kicked off last week with a visit to the German Spy Museum, where we learned about the history of espionage through the museum’s multimedia, interactive exhibit. On another afternoon, students chose how they wanted to beat the heat – either at the pool or by playing blacklight minigolf. On our tour of the Berlin Wall Memorial the following afternoon, we learned not only about the history of the wall, but also about the many forms of resistance taken up against it and against the violence it perpetuated. After our weekend getaway to Leipzig (see our most recent blog post for more on that!), we hit the ground running with a visit to Berlin’s Tierpark (“zoo”) yesterday to start off our week. With over 48 types of animals in the park, students certainly had the chance to add to their German animal vocabulary. We’re looking forward to all of the other activities and excursions that still lay ahead!

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