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Avery Stern

Avery Stern

Happy Tuesday from southern Spain.

We've had quite the adventures these past two days and though our arms are a little sore and our stomachs a little flipped, it's been awesome. On Sunday we headed to Isla Magica, a small but mightly amusement park in the heart of Seville, and road rollercoasters, or "montaña rusas" until our organs swapped places. Just kidding! For those of us who prefered a more aquatic experience, we were also able to take advantage of "Aqua Magica" and play on the water slides and in the tide pool. By the end of the day we were all giddy, a little sandy, and definitely ready for a nap. 

Yesterday, in addition to celebrating a very special birthday, we took to the river for some urban kayaking. The name of the river is "Guadalquivir" and it's a mighty word to pronounce. We raced along the shore all the way to Puente Triana, then paddled our way back in the sunset. It was such a unique way of experiencing the city from a different angle, especially when we feel so at home here at this point in our trip. Tonight we head to the kitchen for some authentic Sevillian cuisine. Good thing that kayaking worked up an appetite! 

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