Último Día en CAIMEDE

Authored by:
Jennifer Tubbs

Jennifer Tubbs

Our last day at the service site was bittersweet - we began by sharing cookies and donuts with the children and ended by painting a mural on the garden walls. 

Emotions were high as participants said goodbye to the friends they made at CAIMEDE. But it wasn’t truly a goodbye, rather, an hasta siempre. In fact, one of our participants has decided to start a club at her high school to donate supplies to the orphanage over the course of the school year. In that way, our participants can ensure that the bonds they have forged throughout the program remain strong.

“Working at CAIMEDE has shown me how important it is to appreciate the simple things in life. When we were handing out cookies at the end of our time there we got the biggest smiles, hugs and thank you’s from the kids.” - Isabella Banks, 12th grade, Brunswick, ME

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