The Start of my ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Journey

Authored By:

Joycelyn Y.

After months of preparation, I have finally arrived at Singapore, one of the hottest and most popular cities in the world. Watching “Crazy Rich Asians” got me feeling a type of way: I was excited, nervous, but very optimistic and hopeful about my next two months of adventure in Singapore. Will I experience the fantasies and glamor portrayed in the movie? Will I meet my Nick Young here? Tune in to find out! All jokes aside, I was ready to delve into this lion city.

Before my internship began, I had the opportunity to tour this culturally enriching city in different angles through orientation. From China Town to Little India, I felt like I was in different countries all at once! However, I was most impressed by the skyscrapers of Singapore. We embarked on an hour long night boat tour across the Singapore River, passing by the tall financial buildings that are all clustered in one area, the uniquely designed antique row of houses, the vibrant and lively bars and clubs, the colorful bridges, the iconic Singapore Merlion, and of course, I can’t forget to mention the beautiful Marina Bay Sands. You probably have heard of Marina Bay Sands because of its award-winning infinity pool from the ending scene of Crazy Rich Asians. Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious hotel with three tall towers and a top shaped like a spaceship.    

In regards to housing, since we have around 50 participants, we were split into two groups. One group is living in the dorms of National University of Singapore (NUS), whereas the other group is living in an apartment complex located a few subway stations away from NUS. I lived on NUS campus in a single room, which also has a bathroom and shower inside. How convenient! Although NUS is located on the outskirt of the main city area, the subway system is very well established in Singapore. You can get to the city in under 45 minutes! Plus, NUS is only a 10 minute walk to the subway station. Those who are in the apartment complex have a double room, but with a much nicer living room and kitchen.  

For my internship, I am working at DuckerFrontier, a global market research and consulting company. It is at the financial district, which is about 45 minutes from NUS. There are also two other interns at this company from UT Austin and Emory. Through this internship, I hope to gain insight to the business hub of Singapore, learn more about consulting to see if this is something I want to pursue in the future, enhance my communication and collaboration skills, learn to work diligently and independently, and getting to know everyone in the company!