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Doing a global internship opens many doors for your future career, as well as your personal development. While learning new skills, meeting new people, and conducting business in different languages, you are seeing the world and engaging in new experiences from so many angles. Sharing your story is just as important as attending your internship each day. When you share your story you are solidifying your experience and learnings, showing the world your journey, as well as inspiring future students to follow in your footsteps. 

This summer, follow along with Brittni, Claire and Joycelyn as they travel the world, begin their professional careers, and share their stories from Chile, Canada and Singapore. 

Brittni K.

"You have to work every day?"
"No, I get to work every day!" 

Meet Brittni, student Global Intern from the University of Cincinnati. She is currently living, working, and studying abroad in Santiago, Chile. Brittni is wrapping up her third year at University, and is in the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP). She majors in Interior Design and is working towards her minor in Spanish. With a passion for travel, adventure and language, Brittni knew she wanted to work and study in Santiago, Chile as an Interior Designer with a residential architecture firm. Living with a local host family in Santiago, and having her friends and fellow interns a short metro ride away, Brittni feels right at home. Follow along with her Summer in Chile as she explores the Andes Mountains, local culture, and all that Santiago has to offer a Global Intern. 

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Claire R.

"What I thought would be an overwhelmingly intimidating experience, has turned out to be an overwhelmingly joyous one, and I am excited to see what the summer will bring!"

Meet Claire, a student Global Intern from Michigan State University. She is currently living, working, and studying abroad in Toronto, Canada. Claire is a Junior who studies International Relations and Political Economics. She is currently working for an organization specializing in homelessness prevention and helping others in need. With a passion for philanthrophy, Claire is enjoying all that Toronto has to offer her. From exploring the city with friends and fellow interns, to comparing the diverse housing options, she finds Toronto to be one of the most welcoming and kind cities she has travelled to recently. Her favorite part so far? The cute city dogs that accompany her on her walks to work. 

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Joycelyn Y.

"Watching Crazy Rich Asians got me feeling a type of way: I was excited and nervous, yet very optomistic and hopeful about my next two months of adventure in Singapore" 

Meet Joycelyn, a student Global Intern from the University of California at Berkeley. She is currently living, working, and studying abroad in Singapore. Entering her second year at UCB, Joycelyn intends to persue a degree in Business Administration and Economics. Joycelyn has a passion for consulting due to the admiration and versatility of the indistry. She enjoys working with others to tackle problems and come up with collaborative solutions. Eventually Joycelyn would like to transition into the non-profit sector so she can make an impact on her local community in a positive way. Her passions have landed her an internship at DuckerFrontier, a global market research consulting company in the financial district of Singapore. 

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