For Students

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  • An opportunity to gain new skills and perspectives
  • Deeper understanding of your personal strengths and career goals
  • The chance to expand your academic knowledge within your field of study
  • Exposure to new cultures, new environments and new ideas
  • Increased knowledge of the global community
  • The opportunity to expand your professional network
  • Much of the success of any internship rests on your shoulders. But AIC is committed to providing the on-site internship support and guidance to give each student every advantage.

    If you are interested in International Experience Canada (IEC), please email us directly.

    Note: Internships are available only through our partner academic institutions. Find out if you're eligible by contacting us.

For over 30 years, we have built an exceptional track record of matching students to internship experiences offering rich opportunities for growth in a wide range of fields—from financial services and marketing to healthcare, technology, and the environment. Intern placements are based on how each student’s aspirations, skills, and experience can benefit them as an intern abroad, as determined through an individual pre-placement meeting.

While each internship is unique, every program combines cultural, academic, and professional development opportunities to allow students to achieve personal growth and competitive advantage in the global workforce.

What People are Saying

  • “I had an independent research project on the urban forest of Mumbai and how to expand it. I worked on my own alongside the architects in the office on this research project, which was very liberating and empowering. The placement was wonderful!”

    Claire R. - Educated Environments
  • “I found that the program offered by AIC was an excellent way for me to grow as an individual and I really liked the people that were a part of the organization.” 

    Isaac - Mechanical Engineering Robotics Lab at the Universidad de Chile
  • “My internship had given the confidence and skills for the next stage of my life, which is entering the work force. It has given me opportunities and connections within my desired career path. It has taught me different aspects of a company and given me perspective on my professional life.”

    Carolina D., Forbidden Technologies/Forscene