24 Hours in Santiago: A Global Intern's Guide to Chile

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When you are a Global Intern in Santiago, the possibilities are endless.  From beautiful landscapes, natural resources, and fresh seafood galore, there is so much to see - and eat. We have put together an itinerary for 24 hours in Santiago, as well as some other not-to-miss attractions around the city and surrounding areas. We are curious what your favorites will be from Santiago! Now it's time to get out there and explore...

10:00 AM 

Grab your walking shoes and head on over to La Moneda Palace - the seat of the Chilean President! More than 40% of Chilean citizens live in the capital city in addition to the man who presides over them. This historic building sits in the Civic district and takes up an entire city block. Learn more about the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site here

1:00 PM

Does history make you hungry, too? If so, take your adventures with you over to Mercado Central. This market is home to some of the freshest fish in the world. Enjoy walking around and trying culinary delights and artisan gifts. You can easily walk over from La Moneda Palace by using these walking directions (pro tip - save this Google Map to your phone when you have WiFi so you can navigate the city like a local!). 

3:00 PM

Now that you have gotten some tasty nibbles at Mercado Central, it's back to the historical building tour. Head on over to Metropolitan Catherdral in the Plaza de Armas - one of the oldest cathedrals in Chile, with construction finishing in 1800. Walk around the Plaza and enjoy the sunshine and palm trees as you learn about one of Chile's most visited landmarks. 

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7:00 PM

You've earned yourself a treat of the locals, empanadas. These pastries filled with meat, cheese, or seafood are a Chilean delicasy. Enjoy finding your favorites all across Santiago and the surrounding cities as you walk through the colorful streets. We have found some of our favorites here.  

Santiago has so much to offer a Global Intern - luckily you will be there for more than one day. Some of Chile's biggest attractions are in Santiago from government buildings to religious structures, and not to mention delicious seafood dishes. Looking for more suggestions in Santiago? We trust The Lonely Planet's Guide to Santiago!

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