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For 70 years, we’ve had a single mission

To help people gain the understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world by bringing the world together through the most meaningful exchange programs available. Today, we advance our legacy as the leading nonprofit
international education organization by facilitating 50,000 exchange experiences for people from 136 countries each year.

Featured Post

A Low-Income Student's Guide to Study Abroad
By Shyamala G.

Alright so this blog is going to be geared more towards my low-income siblings near and far who, just like their peers, want to take advantage of the Study Abroad...keep reading

  • From Texas to Costa Rica!
    It’s never too soon to start experiencing life abroad. A perfect example of this is our first-ever group of middle schoolers in the STEM immersion program in Costa Rica. After...keep reading
    Completing my TEFL Certification
    By Ryan P.
    Hello everybody, I recently completed a 120 hour TEFL certification course which will become useful once I am over in Spain. The certification wasn't required, but I find it useful...keep reading
  • Berlin End of Year Seminar
    By Sarah J.
    Hello all! I’ve been traveling a lot the last few weeks, trying to make the most of the last few weeks of my exchange year. After spending a day in...keep reading
  • Nature in Jeju
    By Anthony T.
    This past week, I booked a flight to Jeju Island with some fellow CIEE friends and non-CIEE people. We left Seoul on Thursday night and stayed in Jeju until the...keep reading
  • 1 Million Dance Studio
    By Aanandi M.
    Something that was on my bucket list before coming to Korea was attending a class of the famous 1 Million Dance Studio in Seoul. 1 Million Dance studio is famous...keep reading
  • Cry World Festival
    By Aanandi M.
    One of the highlights of my experiences in Korea was attending the Cry World festival on May 21st. The Cry World festival was one of the first festivals that occurred...keep reading