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For 70 years, we’ve had a single mission

To help people gain the understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world by bringing the world together through the most meaningful exchange programs available. Today, we advance our legacy as the leading nonprofit
international education organization by facilitating 50,000 exchange experiences for people from 136 countries each year.

The REAL Santo Domingo
By Phillip D.
This weekend I decided to return to Santo Domingo and spend time with a friend of mine that I had met virtually over the summer through an app called HelloTalk...keep reading
The Smallest Differences
By Aishna D.
Moving from one continent to another, there are major differences in language, culture, and norms. Instead of talking about that, I wanted to touch on the small, laughable differences that...keep reading
My choice to come to Cape Town
By Caroline S.
As I become accustomed to living in Cape Town, and begin to think of this place as my home, I am continually surprised by my own adaptability. My thoughts, my...keep reading
  • Wow! How the time has flown by
    By Grace C.
    Since coming to Cape Town, I have had so many amazing experiences that it is hard to choose just a few to write about. Before traveling to South Africa, I...keep reading
  • My Studenplan Explained
    By Olivia L.
    A "Stundenplan" is a school schedule that every student in a gymnasium (highschool) receives. To further explain what a Stundenplan looks like, I thought it would be helpful to have...keep reading
  • Forest Bathing in Monteverde
    By College Study Abroad at CIEE
    Study abroad in Costa Rica is not only an amazing way to earn credits and expand your knowledge of tropical ecology, sustainability, STEM, and the Spanish language, but it could...keep reading
  • Stop to Smell the Roses
    By Berenger G.
    Moving to any foreign country is undoubtedly a challenge. Between adapting to a new culture, a new language and new habits it can cause a lot of stress. Moving to...keep reading