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For 70 years, we’ve had a single mission

To help people gain the understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world by bringing the world together through the most meaningful exchange programs available. Today, we advance our legacy as the leading nonprofit
international education organization by facilitating 50,000 exchange experiences for people from 136 countries each year.

  • Turning 22 in Thailand
    By Viviana G.
    I did not think much about my birthday in the days leading up to it. In recent years, I have wanted nothing more than dinner with family and friends. Without...keep reading
  • Making Friends On High School Away
    By Julian R.
    I’ve never been good at meeting new people and making new friends. I don’t like putting myself out there and being vulnerable, especially in large groups. I tend to be...keep reading
    First Week in Madrid: COVID ATTACKS
    By Marcus Q.
    Quick Recap: My original flight to Madrid on Sunday, January 10th was postponed a week later due to Storm Filomena. The farthest I've flown prior to this trip was from...keep reading
    Cancelled Study Abroad Student Options
    By College Study Abroad at CIEE
    My school cancelled study abroad. Now what? If your school cancelled study abroad for the term you are applying for you can consider applying as an autonomous student. This can...keep reading
  • Traveling Abroad Safely During A Pandemic
    By High School Away
    During our pre-departure meeting, our Director of Programs of Program Management Laragh Kavanaugh warned parents: “Travel is inherently stressful. But traveling during a pandemic is another level of stress.” For...keep reading