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Bill Bull

Bill Bull

I’m pleased to announce several upcoming Health, Safety, and Security workshops and opportunities to consult in person with me my expert team.

I invite you to take advantage of our years of experience managing risk and supporting students and faculty in the field by participating in one of the crisis preparedness training workshops we will lead over the next year at universities and colleges across the country. The workshops are available to Academic Consortium members on a first come, first served basis. Thank you to Villanova University, Elon University, University of Miami, and St. John Fisher College for hosting past workshops. We look forward to presenting at additional campuses in the future. Stay tuned for details of the regional workshop near you.

In addition, we’ll be holding basic and advanced Health, Safety, and Security workshops in Brooklyn on Tuesday, November 5, the day before CIEE’s annual conference. Space is limited so please sign up as soon as you can.

Also, November 6- 8 during the conference in Brooklyn, you will have the chance to bring your questions, concerns, and thoughts directly to me for discussion. I’ll be glad to share with you any insights on your issue that I can provide based on my experience and CIEE’s five years of comprehensive research across 65 locations. Stop by for a 10-minute consult during one of the office hours sessions I’m hosting:

  • Wednesday, November 6th, noon - 1:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 7th, 3:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Or, if the above times don’t work for you, reach out to your manager of institutional relations and make an appointment to chat with CIEE's Health, Safety, and Security team during the conference.

Come say hello and we can discuss any health, safety, and security issue on your mind.

Basic Training and Advanced Training Workshops in Brooklyn 

Whether you are new to study abroad and need a grounding in the basics of Health, Safety, and Security, or you’re eager to assess your team’s readiness to handle unexpected crises when students are abroad, join us for a workshop before our annual conference to enhance your crisis management skills.

Tuesday, November 5,  9:00-Noon
Basic Training 101- Health, Safety and Security
Presenters:  Bill Bull, VP Risk Management CIEE; Colin McElroy, Director of Health, Safety & Security, CIEE; Becca Auger, Operations Coordinator, Health & Safety, CIEE

This workshop is designed to assist Study Abroad staff new to the field to understand the basics of the Health, Safety and Security considerations at play as part of sending students abroad.  We will explore the topics of “Duty of Care”, “Risk Tolerance and Risk Assessment” and the issues at play in “Emergency Preparedness and Response” to help study abroad staff improve their abilities when working with the myriad of stakeholders engaged on the campus level.  Much work has been done in the arena of Safety and Security over the past decade that will be shared to assist the newcomer in adapting to their roles on campus. 

Tuesday, November 5,  1:00-3:00pm
Advanced Training- The Stress Test on Preparedness- Health, Safety, and Security
Presenters:  Bill Bull, VP Risk Management CIEE; Colin McElroy, Director of Health, Safety & Security, CIEE

Utilizing an imaginary country profile and a risk matrix, workshop participants will walk through the process of determining if they are prepared to support Health, Safety and Security problems that arise.  The exercise will run participants through a series of issues and incidents using a Table Top scenario that will help them understand their own levels of preparedness and what refinements are needed.  The country is imaginary but the tools to conduct such an assessment are real and have real life application in today’s shifting world that forces us all to be on top of managing risk and supporting our faculty, staff and students abroad.  This Table Top activity continues where the Basic training started but is open to all reviewing preparedness through simulation will lead to positive improvements and outcomes as we work the situations together and learn from each other.

The Health, Safety, and Security Takeaway

This month I’m introducing a new outreach feature – The Health, Safety, and Security Takeaway. On a regular basis, I'll be sharing a tip or idea to help you better counsel your students and manage any health and safety problems that may arise. Read the first one here.

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