The Health, Safety, and Security Takeaway - October

Authored By:

Bill Bull

Introducing a new outreach feature – The Health, Safety, and Security Takeaway. On a regular basis, CIEE's Health, Safety, and Security team will share a tip or idea to help university teams prepare students for study abroad and manage any health and safety problems that may arise. 


Our initial data suggests that nearly 30% of safety incidents suffered by students on a CIEE program occur during the short periods of time when students are independently traveling away from the city of study. Consider how to stress this point with your students during your pre-departure orientations. 

When traveling to another city/country from their city of study, students should realize that the risks they encounter will be different from their original arrival orientation, and they should do the appropriate research before travel. In the case of a health emergency, students should pre-plan who they would call (hint: not parents), local emergency numbers, and where they would go for medical attention.