CIEE Updates

In case you missed an earlier announcement, it is with great pleasure that I share the news of a recent organizational re-alignment within our Study Abroad team that will increase CIEE’s efficiency and enable us to continue providing the highest level of program management and student support. Caroline Maas has stepped into the role of Senior Vice President for Study Global Operations, assuming full responsibility for all aspects of worldwide program operations. Caroline's exceptional leadership and management skills will strengthen our ability to maintain and enhance our diverse portfolio of study abroad experiences for your students.

CIEE's expansion of STEM programming in 2019 is a top priority in response to the growing demand from undergraduate STEM majors interested in an international education experience. CIEE now offers over 70 international program options in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Psychology, including 40 direct enroll STEM programs at international universities, 18 CIEE Stem Intensive Programs, and 23 new English-based STEM and Psychology 6-week Block Courses offered at CIEE’s network of 14 Global Institutes. 

CIEE’s expansion of financial aid in 2019 is another top priority. To open doors for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background or academic major, CIEE offers travel grants to Pell students, matching grants to Gilman applicants, and grants to all students from Minority Serving Institutions.

In addition, the prestigious Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship generated over 250 applications for the 2019 cohort. This year, CIEE will fund 100% of a four-week leadership program for ten students to study in London, England. In addition, EVERY student who applied will receive a $1,500 grant to attend a summer program. Plus, we had 12 college presidents agree to match CIEE’s grant, bringing the total support for students to $3,000 for a summer program! I wish to thank each of these exemplary college presidents for their generosity and vision in promoting international education for their students.

With our partners, CIEE has been able to increase our stats for diverse participants from 22% to 37%, the most of any organization and consistent with the Generation Study Abroad Pledge that we made in 2015.

I extend a hearty thank you to our dedicated staff and partners, especially Penn’s Center for Minority Serving Institutions and the dozens of college presidents who have stepped up to make things happen in their campus communities.