CIEE to Award $50,000 in Grants to Alumni in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of CIEE Work & Travel USA

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Applications for CIEE Exchange Ambassador Grants accepted through March 31

Since 1969, CIEE has been a leading provider of public diplomacy programs, bringing foreign students and young professionals from countries around the globe to the United States on cultural exchange programs for work and study. To celebrate 50 years of making the great American experience accessible to people from a broad cross-section of nations and cultures through CIEE Work & Travel USA, in 2019, CIEE will award up to $50,000 in grants to exchange alumni who are working to make change in their home countries.

“By helping young people from over 130 countries come together in peaceful exchange, CIEE helps to enlighten and change the lives of thousands.  In turn, we know that our alumni will go forth and change the world in a thousand positive ways.” said James P. Pellow, President and CEO of CIEE. “These grants are designed to give our alumni an additional boost in their efforts to improve their communities (or the world!) through their careers or personal pursuits.”

CIEE Exchange Ambassador Grants are open to CIEE alumni from outside the United States who participated in one of CIEE’s exchange programs: Work & Travel USA, Internship USA, Career Training USA, Camp Exchange USA, or High School USA.

Now through March 31, CIEE is accepting applications for each of the following types of CIEE Exchange Ambassador Grants:

For 50 years, CIEE Work & Travel USA program participants have gained exposure to American culture and democratic ideals, while sharing their own cultures and customs with their host communities. The 2019 Exchange Ambassador Grants are a celebration and continuation of the program’s efforts to humanize international relations. Learn more at:

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