You Can Take Off Your Pants Now

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Christina O.

So I had my first experience at a European chiropractor yesterday. That was... different.

For over two weeks now I've been having issues with my right knee and my left hip. For as long as I can remember I've had similar issues, which is why I started frequenting the chiropractor at a young age. 

My mother always told me, "I'd rather take you to the chiropractor first. If we go to the doctor, they'll have to take x-rays and they may not even be able to fix you first visit. If we go to the chiropractor, he'll more than likely take care of the problem right away."

And ever since then, any time I've had any sort of issue, my first thought is always to make an appointment with the chiro, which is what I decided to do here. 

Similar to my other experiences, I showed up at the chiro the hour of my scheduled appointment. Thankfully, there was no paperwork to fill out. All I had to do was follow the doctor into one of the rooms and we began with the evaluation. She asked me a variety of questions regarding my level of pain, the location, yada-yada... and then came time for the treatment.

"Okay, you can take off your pants now."

While I hesitantly obeyed, this is where it started to get a little uncomfortable for me.

I visited a chiropractor office once in Bloomington that requested I bring a pair of shorts to change into during our session, which I found strange, but she didn't ask me to bring any shorts, so I was not expecting to have to depants.

Shortly after I heard, "Okay, now you can remove your shirt. I'll turn on the heater to keep you warm."

Timidly, I once again followed her instructions. 

Laying face down on the paper covered table, she lathered up her hands with lotion and began with a massage. It wasn't long before she requested that I remove my bra as well as it was getting in her way. 

Oh great, I thought, one more article of clothing and I'll be naked. What in the world did I get myself into? I felt so uncomfortable at one point that I had to stop her to ask if this was a normal part of the treatment. Apparently, it is. While many professionals differ on their approach to treatment (some massage, some don't), the act of undressing is completely normal, but it wasn't normal for me! No one told me I was going to end up almost naked on the table!

When I told this story to my mom and my host mom, they both laughed. I, too, find it funny now. However, at the time, I was completely beside myself.

Looking back on it now, how naive was I to think that the experience would be the same? Of course it's going to be different! I'm in a completely different country for cryin' out loud! At least now I'm more prepared for my next visit. LOL


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