Why I Chose Spain

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Lynne A.

Hola! My name is Lynne Azzarello and I am so excited to share my experience teaching abroad in Spain! A little bit about me; I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and went to Solon High School. After graduating in 2018 I went to Bowling Green State University and recieved my Bachelors in Business Management this past May. I know what you're thinking, "why are you teaching in Spain if you graduated with a business degree?" I will answer that in a couple parts. First of all, I have wanted to move out of this country since I was 8. I never felt like America was where I was meant to be. London was the first place that really sparked my interest, in fact, I was looking for jobs over there post grad, but it is very difficult to get sponsored by a company for a visa. This led me to a question of what do I even want to do with my life? Law has always interested me and I am very into politics, so last summer I moved to DC through a program where I would meet lawyers and network with them to see if law school would be a good fit post-grad. They all told me not to go to law school and that it's a big waste of time unless you want to be an "X, Y, and Z" lawyer which I did not at the time. Now I really had no idea what to do with my life, so I met with my advisor and she told me how she taught English in Spain through CIEE for a year after she graduated from college. A spark lit in my gut when she mentioned it and I decided then and there that I would be moving to Spain post-grad to teach English. I will always listen to my gut because it has never steered me wrong: In high school, I was driving to school in the snow because they didn't cancel like every school around me, I turned down a road and right when I turned so did my stomach, and then a car drove into me. I was fine, but my car wasn't. Also, when I got the email about TFAS (the program I went through in DC I don't recommend it unless you're a raging republican), I had the same feeling and I met some of my best friends there and had an amazing summer (despite leaving with teeth marks in my tongue from all the horrific speeches I had to sit through). Finally, this is neither here nor there, but I never liked my mom's boyfriend and it turned out he was a compulsive liar. My gut is always right. I had to listen to it about Spain and I cannot wait to get out of America to explore the world! 

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